A Letter from 1792

The French Revolution had a huge impact across the Western world; in Britain, it was in part blamed on do-gooders educating the masses, so people like Hannah More who camapigned for mass education were for a time seen as 5th columnists, the enemy within. It is claimed by some if it had not been for the work of the Wesleys feeding and helping the poor, there would have been a similar uprising on these shores.

Here’s a letter written by King George IV to his people about his divorce, in which he describes the situation in Europe when he married in 1792:

“The French Revolution was at its height; the Royal family of France had been murdered, Holland had imbibed the Revolutionary mania, and the Stadtholder had fled to this protecting country; at home a traitorous spirit was actively at work; trials for high treason had served only to increase the insolence of faction, and foster Rebellion, Ireland was on the verge of open Revolt; and every political appearace threatened an attempt upon a constitution of these realms; a dreadful war was raging and yet in the face of al these evils, it was the wish of my Royal Father to strenghten the Succession to the throne of these realms.”

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