Two Island Nations

There are not a lot of connections between Britain and Japan, but they are both island nations, on opposite sides of the huge European-Asian land mass, and both are famously keen tea drinkers. And that’s pretty much it. But both countries seem fond of visiting the other, and I just found a story that shows this has long been the case.

I have just  found a short review of a film from 2006, Chosyu Five, directed by Sho Igarashi. It tells the story of 5 samurai from the Chosyu region when Japan was very isolated from the rest of the world in the later 19th century. They followed the adage “Know yourself and the enemy will make you invincible” and stowed away on a ship to England. “Upon arriving in England they experience the exhilaration and devastation of this modern, Western civilisation, and the 5 absorb the latest industrial technologies before returning home, where they built the foundation for modern Japan

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