The Last Uprising

As the Scots approach their referendum for independence, here is how the city of Bristol responded to the Scottish defeat at the battle of Culloden, the last battle to be fought on British soil and the end of the Scottish claims to the crown. Yet another reminder of how people threw themselves into celebrations back then,

“The national Thanksgiving for the suppression of the rebellion was celebrated on the 9th October [1746] with great fervour. Twenty pieces of cannon on Brandon Hill awakened sleepy citizens at 6 o’clock in the morning by a royal salute. Later on, the corporate body, the trade companies, and the boys of the City School repaired to the Cathedral, and were saluted after service with three volleys by the regiment stationed in the city. In the afternoon, an effigy of the Young Pretender, clothed in tartan, was carried through the streets and ignominiously burnt in Prince’s Street. Bonfires, fireworks, and a ball concluded the festivities, which cost the Corporation about £135. Some Falstaffian items appear in the accounts:- “Wine, (70 gallons of Lisbon and Port at 6s per gallon) £21 3s.; Arrack, (6 gallons, the first time that this liquor is mentioned in the city accounts) £4 16s.; Ale (144 gallons) £4 8s.; Hot Well water, 1s.” The revellers also disposed of 4lb of tobacco and a vast number of pipes”

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