Songs About New York

This is inspired by the song just released by Guy Garvey of Manchester band Elbow, who spent some time in the city in search of solitude following the break up with his long term partner. It seems strange that New York is known for its noise and bustle, yet songs about it seem to be the opposite.

This is Elbow’s New York Morning, which may be the only song to include  the phrase ‘Oh my giddy aunt.’

This is Ryan Adams’s song, the video for which shows the Twin towers just before they were destroyed in 9/11 so the song became a fundraiser for the victims.

Here’s  Simon and Garfunkle with their ode to their home town:

Here’s Native New Yorker; by Odyssey

And how can I not include the great Sinatra with his ode to a city so great they had to name it twice.

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