Bath Bathing

Here’s a few pics of the major tourist attraction that is at the centre of Bath. There was a group of Italian school kids there looking very bored. As if they don’t have better stuff on their doorsteps. It’s a rather confusing place, starting as a holy bath where nobody was allowed to swim, to the temple precincts, then the 18th century when much of it was rebuilt, then the Roman parts were rediscovered by an engineer in the 19th century. It is the warmest spa in the country, steaming out at about 46 degrees C.

My beautiful picture

The main bath. Nobody is allowed to swim in it. Health and safety gone mad.

 My beautiful picture

Through the scaffolding is a truly awful statue of King Bladud who allegedly found the spa.He had a skin disease so forced to become a swine herd. the pigs found the hot mineral spring and he was cured.

My beautiful pictureThis is the outflow, showing the steaming water. It is red from the iron and green from the copper.

My beautiful pictureThis is the cold bath next to the heated room where Romans would get very sweaty. They would cool off here. The water is from a cold spring some distance away. This pool is now used for throwing coins to make wishes. The original sacred bath is next to it, there used to be pillars on which statues of the gods stood as if walking on water.

My beautiful pictureThere are also some fine monuments there. This is a dog with a deer across his back.

My beautiful pictureThis is a funeral monument. I think it was to a young slave, Mercantilla.

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