Footsteps From The Past

This is from an article in the i newspaper by David Keys:

About 50 footprints have been found near the village of Happisburgh, 17 miles from Norwich in Norfolk. They were left by a group of prehistoric humans about a million years ago, making them the oldest human footprints to be found outside Africa. The discovery was made by experts from the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, and Queen Mary University London, when the prints were exposed by coastal erosion. So, some good has come from all the rain. This is of huge international importance, as even in Africa, few such prints have ever been found, and then only in Kenya and Tanzania.

The oldest prints in the UK had been from only 7,500 years ago. These Norfolk ones are thought to be from a small family group, of the long extinct Hominid species Homo antecessor, or “Pioneer Man”

Detailed 3D images have been taken for archaeologists to try to establish the make up of the group. Of the 50 or more prints, about a dozen were reasonably complete, with only 2 showing details of the toes. Sadly the incoming tide prevented the prints being preserved, so only one has been lifted from the site.

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