The End of a Pirate

I found this small article on one of my flashdrives.I have no idea where it’s from – possibly one of the London  papers probably a few weeks after the event. It is odd as it makes no mention of anyone else involved on board the ship, but he cannot have acted alone. This must have been a slave ship so he might have been after the trade goods, or the slaves.

I have just found another mention of this – the trial was in New York, and Porter was named as a pirate.

“On Friday, the same court of the Admiralty, met for the trial of Stephen Porter, mariner, for the murder of Captain John Westcott, and sundry others, on board a Bristol ship, on the high seas, on the coast of Guinea in the year 1766, but on the officers going to bring him up from the prison, they found him hanging to one of the window bars, quite dead, he having made use of a string he usually kept up his irons with. The coroner’s inquest brought it in self murder, and he was sentenced to be buried on the highway, at the farther end of Bowry Lane, and to have a stake drove through his body.  “

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