Pete Seeger RIP

Pete Seeger towers over folk music for so long it is hard to imagine him gone. Many years ago I wrote a poem based on his song Where have all the flowers gone, and inspired by the fact that he believed the German translation was better than his original. He sent me a postcard of him playing banjo in front of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Here’s a film of him talking about banjos which he helped bring into mainstream music.


5 thoughts on “Pete Seeger RIP

  1. And what a keepsake that postcard is. Just watched Pete playing the banjo and singing “Flowers.” A true legend. Colleague of Woodie Guthrie. Influence on one of my idols, Bob Dylan. Few people like Pete anymore.


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  3. I’m devastated. I just told someone on Saturday I wanted to go to the Clearwater Festival again this year and see Pete sing. He will be there in spirit, but not in the flesh. What a phenomenal human being and a great legacy he left for the US. Hudson River society…which virtually saved the river estuary and basin and promoted without real fanfare or ostentation like other groups…or people, that CLEAN WATER IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. RIP Pete…I’m devastated..but the work must now go on in earnest…NO FRACKING IN NY or anywhere.


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