A Great Churchman and Preacher

This is again from Highways and Byways of Dorset:

“Robert Frampton, Bishop of Gloucester, ws born at Pimperne in 1622. His father was a farmer. As a Royalist he joined in the attack upon the Clubmen in their riiculous defence of Hambledon Hill. His next move in life was curious. He wa appoined chaplain to the English factory in Aleppo,wehre he remained twelve years doing good deeds and acquiring great influence. He returned to England in 1667 and married, but, hearing he plague had brokenout in Aleppo, he hurried back to his old charge immediately after his wedding. He remained away some thee years. Later in life he was imprisoned in The Tower on suspicion of plotting against the King, and while here visited Judge Jeffreys, “whom he found in a very sad and melancholy state.”

Pepys, having once heard this good man preach, wrote of him.. “The truth is, he preaches the most like an apostle that ever I heard man, and it was much the best time i have ever spent in my life at church.”

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