Science and Ignorance

I love TED talks, and don’t get time online to see enough of them.

This is from Stuart Firestein, debunking what science is. He makes some astute points on what science is, and leads into the future of education. This is brilliant, but he is only telling one side – that of the study and teaching of science, in that it is not systematic, so his analogy of looking for a black cat in a dark room when the cat may not exist is completely apt, but to most of us, it is the application of science that is what concerns us, and that does involve rules and tests and proofs. The basic notion of scientific proof is one that we all value, and it’s a shame it was not used more widely in other fields. Science is about reliability, about repeatability, about building on what we know. That said, this is a wonderful talk by a very engaging intelligent man. Enjoy!

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