Saudi Science

A conservative cleric in Saudi Arabia is claiming that it is dangerous for women to drive cars. Not for the usual reasons of them being too frail to turn the wheels, or likely to suddenly start painting their fingernails when doing a hand brake turn, but because it harms their ovaries and risks them bearing children with clinical problems. Of course they do, and this has nothing to do with the proposed protest drive on 26 October being led by prominent women activists. BTW their website has been blocked by the authorities.

But lest we snigger too loudly, in Victorian times, bathing in the sea was deemed to be sucking the life out of people. There were even tables so you could estimate how much of your life you had lost by participating in this dangerous past times. I think it was something like 10 minutes in the sea cost you one year of your life. There are beach bunnies who by that measure must have died before they were born.

Every age has its fools.

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