Posted in September 2013

Jefferson’s Bible

I love this because it makes sense on so many levels. In Jefferson’s day, The Bible was in every home that could afford it. It provided education, education, philosophy, humour, the lot, so if you are going to tinker with something, this is where you turn. Also, it shows how far the minds of the … Continue reading

A Load of Old Earwax

Scientists have just discovered that they can accurately track the life of blue whales by analysing plugs of their earwax. They can be as big as 25cm long, and weigh 250g. During the 6 months of their feediing season, their diet is rich in fat so the wax is pale. They fast during migration, so … Continue reading

Tearing Down the Sky

I saw this when it first came out back in 2006, but now that I have been reading up on the subject, I tried another viewing. It was a co-production between the BBC and HBO, with mostly British actors in the lead, and filmed at Rome’s cinecitta studios, with a host of local actors and … Continue reading

Not Western Art, Human Art

I am often intrigued by the stories behind pop songs, but it never occurred to me that Pink Floyd’s ‘See Emily Play’ was based on a real person, Emily Young, or that she would be as fascinating and quotable as she is. This is from an article in the i newspaper by John Walsh. Here’s … Continue reading

Heaven’s Gate

This is a film I have wanted to see for years, and finally managed to sit through over 3 hours of it in a small cinema. I feel I have to write about it, but it is a really hard one, as I am still reeling from the experience.  I have never seen anything like … Continue reading

Coffee, Railways and Football in Brazil

I have long been fascinated by Britain’s involvement in South America – I think it started with the discovery of the Welsh speaking colony in Patagonia. So here’s another strange tale, about the railway built from Sao Paulo in Brazil, to the town of Paranapiacuba, which meant where you can behold the sea, in the local … Continue reading