Tredegar House

This grand estate, just off the Newport- Cardiff Road, was for centuries home to the wealthy Morgan family, who died out in the mid 20th century, and the estate is now owned by Newport Council – so is the ultimate council house – and managed by the estimable National Trust. It is a huge place, dating from the 16th and 127th centuries.

My beautiful pictureThis one was too big to fit in my camera.

My beautiful pictureThis is the roof of half the stables

My beautiful pictureThe science fantasy show is filmed in Cardiff, so it is hard to find anywhere that has not been a film set, but this is the first dalek I have found, no idea why the hobby horse – its minder?

My beautiful pictureThis is the bathroom of the last of the Morgans. Of course one cannot have a bath without a cocktail!

My beautiful pictureThe bell corridor. Each bell sounded different, so the servants knew who was being summoned, and they would keep moving so they could see.

My beautiful pictureThe first phone in wales.

My beautiful pictureThe housekeeper’s study – her bedroom was upstairs. she was second only to the mistress of the house, and had the keys for the spice cupboard in this room.

My beautiful pictureThe pump in the Tudor courtyard. The spring is the reason the house is here.

My beautiful pictureThis is in the pastry room, but nobody knows what it is or what it was used for. I think the marble bowl was used for mixing some types of pastry, as it had to be cold.

My beautiful pictureSomething for the kids – a recycled tyre in the ornamental garden.

2 thoughts on “Tredegar House

  1. Wow, what an interesting place, I like the keys for the spice cupboard. We also have historic homes here with the servants bells, Annie


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