Macca Was There

The Beatles had a huge impact on popular music, but Paul Macartney as a solo artist and in various collaborations has far outsold his original band. 6 music’s Tom Robinson recently had a show when listeners suggested unusual songs in some way linked to Macca, if not by him. Electric Light Orchestra were namechecked early, as they are generally seen to have been the Beatles’ successors. Ant the Antipodean beat combo, Crowded House’s entire output echoes much of McCartney’s work. Here’s some that turned up:

He was allegedly the producer of the Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band’s song ‘Urban Spaceman’ under the pseudonym of Apollo C. Vermouth. the band included Neil Innes and others who formed the ultimate Beatles Tribute Band, The Rutles.

He co-wrote Elvis Costelloe’s song Veronica.I’d never really listened to this, but it is quite extraordinary.

He scored the film ‘The Family Way’ set in Bolton, possibly when he was still in The Beatles.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were, like Blur and Oasis, alleged to be rivals and didn’t get on with each other, but they used to hang out in the same clubs, and when the Stones were at their most notorious, being charged with a range of drug offences, they brought out ‘We Love You’ with both Paul and John Lennon doing backup vocals. This is a strange and rather witty response to their circumstances.

He has also done a few less musical contributions to songs, such as carrot crunching on the Super Furry Animals ‘Round the World’ and crunching celery on the Beach Boy’s ‘Vegetables’.

But the song that caused so much disagreement ranging from comments that it was his best song ever to threats to smash their radios was a song few people remember – commonly known as The Frog Chorus, but real name is ‘We All Stand Together’. I love it.

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