Mozart for President

I was in the National Museum of Wales the other day, where there is a collection of 18th century portraits on show together. 

A young man looked at them, smiled, and said, “They’re all Presidents of the United States, aren’t they?”

They were not, but I asked him why he thought so.

“I like them.  They’re all really great.  Jefferson and Mozart. They’re my favourites. No. I’m not sure if Jefferson was a president, but Mozart was. He was really good.”

I had no idea how to respond to this, as he was enjoying himself so much.

But I thought, why not?

It’s hard to think of a world leader that is a great person, never mind a good or efficient one. Maybe Mozart would have been a good leader. Even if not, I really like the idea of a debating chamber instead of discussing who next to bomb, or which budget to slash,  sitting round listening to The Four Seasons.

Could that really be a bad thing?


2 thoughts on “Mozart for President

  1. Nice thought. But Mozart was a little nuts…shudder thinking of him surrounded by that much power… am reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearnes Goodwin…if any president was great, surely the character of Lincoln was great…though of course, many in the South hated and despised him…as did many in the North who thought he agreed too often with the Sessionists. And considering how many we lost in Civil War…he may have been the bloodiest…but whose not to say Mozart would have not turned to bloodshed.


    • All good points, but you omit Nixon. Hunter S Thompson wrote of how Nixon spent evenings alone in the oval office with a bottle of gin when Watergate broke. He claims it was the closest we ever came to Armageddon. Nixon was not crazy. and I think we can all do with a few minutes of down time.


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