Your Song through Time

Elton John is a musician I tend to forget about because he has simply been around for so long, and for all the Disney stuff, but he has always been a formidable singer/songwriter from the earliest days of this profession.  This is a clip of him singing one of his best songs, Your Song, through time. It shows him not just getting older, but the changing fashions, hair lines, and his performing style.

Elton is also very special because he has from the outset been fairly openly gay, but in those innocent times, we didn’t really know what that was. He also, like many young people who become rich very fast, had a serious drug problem, so his story is also one of survival.  He co-writes his songs with Bernie Taupin, but they never actually work together, which is pretty unusual. Taupin’s lyrics are great because they are so ambiguous, yet not meaningless.

And for someone who has been in the public eye for so long, his life has been relatively free from scandal, which confirms the reputation he has – beyond his many charities –  for being a genuinely good bloke.

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