Best of the Best?

Eric Clapton claims the best guitar solo was by Duane ‘Skyman’ Allman on Wilson Pickett’s version of The Beatles’ Hey Jude.  My only problem is that there is so much else going on in there, but it is a great recording.  I love the photo of Allman and Pickett. Isn’t that what music is all about?

4 thoughts on “Best of the Best?

    • I think the notion of best is a blokey list kind of thing. Ihad friends who were constantly arguing over whether clapton or Hendrix were the best. They are to different. There is good and bad music, but even that is subjective, as stuff can be so bad it becomes good, sort of. Joe Walsh in the Eagles is another great guitarist, though the Eagles are often shunned because they were the first to be consciously commercial. Hotel California is wonderful, and when it came out it had a huge impact.

      On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 12:05 PM, texthistory


  1. When it comes to guitar soloists we have many to choose from, my favourites would be Brian May, and Jimmy Page. As for Duane ‘Skyman’ Allman, I find him good but it is all a matter of choice.


    • I think the notion of greatest in music or other art is so subjective; what interested me in the blog was what one great musician thought. That said, having seen the recent documentary on Ginger Baker, I think he’s probably the best living drummer, as he is, as Clapton said, more than a drummer – he is a composer and bandleader as well as being impossible to live with.


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