Some Random Quotes

After John Perscot, Labour MP had water thrown on him by a member of Chumbawumba, he recently  tweeted:

“I may celebrate Chumbawumba’s breakup by going out and buying their greatest hit album”

‘Being kettled [trapped by Police in street protests]  has become as much a part of the middle class advanture as a gap year in Asia’ The people’s songs, BBC Radio 2

[Education Secretary]” Gove is shaping up to become the most influential figure in education since the Second World War” – Anthony Seldon. Does he mean including the war?

“Beware of no man more than yourself’ we carry our worst enemies within us” – G K Chesterton

“If you don’t want to twist to this, you’re probably already dead” – Craig Charles DJ

And here’s a song I recently discovered, by the late and tragically no longer with us, Elliot Smith with Walz no. 2, live on Jools Holland:

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