Sun Sets on Samaritans

The language of the Bible is integral to the English language, as when St Augustine brought Christianity to these islands, he was told to graft it onto pagan roots, and for centuries the only source of education and literature was the church.

One of the most enduring stories from the Bible is that of the Good Samaritan. Most of us have no idea of who or what a Samaritan was, just that one of them had been outstandingly kind. He has become the model of good behaviour, and turns up in lots of contexts.

So, it came as rather a shock, in a world where most populations are constantly growing, that the Samaritans number under 700 so are facing extinction. Does this matter?

Is it possible for the idea of the Good Samaritan to survive the extinction of the tribe that gave rise to the term?

3 thoughts on “Sun Sets on Samaritans

  1. I remember being struck with the story in the sense that the “good Samaritan” wasn’t necessarily being extrodinarily kind, it was that he was outside of the tribe. He had the audacity to help someone else as a HUMAN, rather than as an exclusive member of another tribes- which simply wasn’t done. That distinction is what fascinated me.


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