The Biggest Threat To The Earth

Whilst the leaders of the greatest nations are debating how to manage economies and bring peace to the Middle East, it is worth considering a subject that is more important than all of them. a subject that has been growing in importance for decades, and which not a single world leader will ever mention, and that is overpopulation.

I really despair of our race that seems to be blundering towards annihilation -not just for ourselves but for everything else. Today on the radio is a programme about how many species will soon become extinct. There is stuff in today’s paper on developing super crops to deal with malnutrition. We are afraid of terrorism, climate change, lack of fossil fuels and need for their replacement, all sorts of stuff, but the simple fact is that there are too many of us inhabiting this precious blue planet, and it seems nobody in charge is taking this seriously.

I heard a Catholic priest saying there is enough food to feed us all. Well, is there? and how can it be distributed? I don’t think there is a single religion that actually encourages small families; most seem to be obsessed with expanding their numbers.

Maybe part of the fear of tackling population control is that those promoting it, such as the Eugenics movement, and the Nazis have given the whole idea a bad reputation.

For centuries we have had two ways of seeing the world: through religion, and through science, and at a time when they should be working together, religion is ignoring the dangers and helping us all to march off the cliff to oblivion.

How hard is it for world leaders to do the maths and realise that there just isn’t enough of anything to go around, and that this is going to get worse as economies and the environment get worse?


4 thoughts on “The Biggest Threat To The Earth

  1. Nothing can be done on population explosion, it is the nature of all living things to reproduce to the maximum level possible. I have nothing against what is natural, I have a problem against those aspects of humanity that is against nature, such as the need to control or the waste.


  2. I suppose the only country taking it seriously is China – and that has backfired on them to some extent already, and it seems to be the ‘extra’ babies who get punished. Longevity creates the problem as well as fecundity, but can you just abandon medical care for everyone? and if keeping it for some, who will be left out? Wouldn’t even pretend to have an answer for this one.
    (PS the churches I’m in touch with don’t encourage large families – it is left to personal judgement.)


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