A History of Everything

Well, not quite, but my book ‘The Big World of Mr Bridges’ Microcosm’ comes close.

It is about an 18th century clock. But it is also about England’s rediscovery of information after the Reformation and Civil War. It is about education of the public, in particular of women, when the only people at universities were clerics.

But most importantly, it is about the effect of seeing something amazing, a clock that played music and helped teach about technology, architecture and astronomy. Though the story is a few centuries old, the notions behind it are only now being appreciated. It is about how a sense of wonder can inspire us. How seeing something well made can inspire people to be better at what they do. It is about how art, and blue sky thinking are essential for society, for industry and commerce.

It is a book about a man who saw beyond his small world, and built his own microcosm. His microcosm and the story of it helps us see the past in a different, fresh way. It may even inspire some of us to change our own little worlds. Maybe.

You can read more about it and maybe even buy it from Amazon:


A masterpiece, a real barn-stormer of a book’ – Mike Handford, author of The Cotswolds Canal Towpath Guide

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