The Eagles Are Back

A documentary is about to come out on this supergroup whose Greatest Hits album is the biggest selling album of all time in the States, and that came out before their monster Hotel California, which would have boosted sales even beyond the 26 million mark. Despite having split up for 14 years from 1980-94, their music has never been out of the US playlists, and despite their passion for drugs and drink, all 7 past and present members are still very much alive.

Their music is historically interesting, as they were one of the first bands to combine rock with Country music, in fact to some, they were sellouts to the genre. Like the Beatles, they never turned out a bad record, and worked really hard at their music, as well as being determined to make and hold on to their money. Rather than being sellouts, they might be seen as one of the bands that popularised the genre and with Gram Parsons etc saw the revival of many of the old stars such as Johny Cash.

Here’s their ‘Hotel California’

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