Popular Obscurity

I love museums, but especially unusual, obscure ones. I used to love the Bakelite Museum on the way to Dunster which is sadly no more, and in Birmingham is the wonderful Pen Museum where you get to make your own pen nib. I also used to love the Museum of Mechanical Music in Utrecht.

A small article in my daily paper introduced me to Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships. Which strikes me as one of the most poignant little museums, but it is hugely popular, reaching the top of the list for Trip Advisor and being the recipient of the Kenneth Hudson Award for Europe’s most innovative museum.

It no longer accepts donations, but its collections range from the quaint and poingnant to outright sinister. It has a poem from a husband dying of a genetic desisease, clothes worn on the day couples met or broke up, an edible g-string, and an axe allegedly from a jealous lover who destroyed every item of furniture belonging to the husband that betrayed her.

Here’s the link. http://brokenships.com/en

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