Faster Backwards

More bad news for this country – yesterday saw two other major changes come into force.

According to the campaigning journalist in the i newspaper, Owen Jones, it was the day that the NHS died. After years of piecemeal ‘reforms’ contracting out of services and getting private companies to run hospitals, the government handed control of services to General Practitioners – as if they don’t have enough to do being what they were trained for, they now have to be accountants and quality controllers. They cannot just get NHS services from the NHS as they do now, they have to go through comercial tendering, which means… well, nobody really knows what it will mean, but probably the whole service will be provided by private companies.

So, why was this allowed to happen?

Well, Labour paved the way by the changes above, and have since done, well, very little. The online campaigning group 28 degrees fought long and hard, but for once didn’t manage to tip the balance, though they may have made some impact.

And the other pillar of our society that fell yesterday was the massacre of legal aid, which means something like 75% of people who were entitled to it, are no longer. There is no aid for housing, for immigration, for financial difficulties, in other words, the rich now have a licence to really abuse the poor.

The government is of course defending itself, accusing such dens of iniquity as the anglican church and the many struggling charities of being ‘vested inerests’. I suppose the term ‘hand wringing liberals’ has gone out of fashion with them.

Many of hte poor – not suffering enough already from benefit cuts, soaring costs of food and everything else – now have to contribute to council, ie local taxation. The government says everyone should contribute, but most local councils claim it will cost more to collect than they will gain from this. so, yet again, we are dealing not with finances, but with punishing the already suffering poor.

we have an MP claiming he could live on the current benefit level of £57. well, let’s see him, and all his colleagues – try. Let’s see him feed himself, pay for rent, gas, heating, water, and now council tax out of this generous sum. Who needs to travel, or clothe themselves, or use a phone or a bus? All the poor have to do is to endlessly apply for jobs they know they will never get.

The government claims this is for the good of the poor, to help them out of the trap of poverty, and into work. Like beating children teaches them to behave, and shouting at foreigners makes them understand what you say.

And the timing – bringing all these changes in on April Fools Day.
How very apt.
And only a day after Easter Sunday, the day that these so-called Christians are meant to have been celebrating the ressurection of a humble man, who helped the poor and who died for humanity’s sins.

When a Tory – ie Conservative – government is insulting the Archbishop of Canterbury, a man who has worked for big businesses and has almost died in his clerical role in Africa, there really is something rotten in the corridors of power

9 thoughts on “Faster Backwards

  1. This is so egregious. I think there is a concerted effort by elites in countries throughout the world, to be their own nation states. They call it globalism, but that is just a blind for treating the poor like slaves who have to beg for crumbs from the state which can’t “afford” to pay them when the Tories are running things; meanwhile, they know for no want. Please do not lump them under the term Christians. They don’t know Christ; they are hypocrites and Pharisees with lizard brains. They do what they do shamelessly, lying and excusing their evil practice and lack of humanity by blaming everyone but themselves for ruining the country. They are amoral and do what they do because they can; no one is stopping them. Now, Oxfam, instead of helping foreign lands, will be collecting to help the British people. There was a recent study done in the U.S. It noted that the wealthy proportionately give less to the poor than the middle and lower middle classes. They are stingy; their foundations are tax havens; their gifts to charities benefit cultural causes that they support, i.e. The Met. Opera, The Olana Trust (art museum) the Met. Museum, etc. Then they pat themselves on the back for being generous. It’s laughable, truly. But they do this because they can and they have little regard for anyone outside their class. We don’t have a class system per se in this country, but we really do. It’s 7-8 generation wealthy elites who got their money via robbery (robber barons and through oligarchies and monopolies killing competition, and of course, through the drug and arms trade). This elite is entrenched, xenophobic, cruel, sexually deviant (pederasts among their group). They work hand in glove with the Tories and fuel each other’s cruelty, encouraging corporate elites to join their inner circles…but they don’t really fit in. I look at the example of Iceland who threw out or jailed its politicians, kicked out the international bankers, i.e. IMF, WB and repudiated their debt. Now they are thriving. We have groups in the US who are working to that end. Strike Debt. Look them up online. There are also the Occupy groups. They are beacons of hope. They may be in the UK as well.


    • Wow. Thanks for al this. I mentioned Christians specifically as the Tory party are meant to be part of the same system, so their attack on churches and charities is more significant than any other group would. most of them were educated in anglican schools and universities, so in effect they are attacking their peers. Which shows how far they have lost the plot. The Tories often cite the states as the ideal model, but of course it is not. there is good and bad in any system, and for a small island like ours with fw resources, the model should be more of a European one. I find hte very name tory an interesting one, as to Irish people it suggests a wealthy out of control drunk,. I am struggling to see where the future will lie. I tend to believe that people are at heart good, and that common sense and humanity will win in the end. But what if I’m wrong? I keep seeing us chargingheadlong back into the horrors of the 18th century. Only there are so many more of us fighting for fewer resources. I met a young guy yesterday who claims there is rebellion on the way, that there will be war once the NHS changes kick in, and htat the fascists are on the rise. Scary stuff.


      • I agree. The disparity is obscene. I saw a fascinating chart the other day of What Americans thought was a “fair” level of distribution (imagine a line that starts with a little something for the poorest-basic needs met, up to extra for the truly clever/hardworking/lucky) The next graph showed what Americans thought the distribution actually was (not so different, much more at the top naturally) The final graph was devastating because it showed what the income disparity ACTUALLY IS…there was nothing for the impoverished and the wealthy…not even ON the graph, not by a long shot. People have no idea how bad and how dangerous it really is.


      • One journalist who did bother to report on the NHS changes said he asked journalists why they were silent on it – the bill wsa 35 pages long and they just couldn’t be bothered reading it. These people are in good jobs, wiht private health insurance, so why would they care? But it is the NHS that trains doctors and provides emergency care. It matters to everyone.

        On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 11:12 AM, texthistory


  2. It is sadly unavoidable that core services like welfare, education and health will be cut, there is no money available to pay for it. The UK Government cannot seem to balance the books let alone pay off debt.


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