Schindler and Beavers

I am enjoying reading a travel book by John Harrison, ‘Where the Earth Ends’, but there is a paragraph that makes no sense at all to me:

“North American beavers have been introduced here [Tierra del Fuego] by a man called Schindler. Their dams created shallow lakes, making huge areas of land spongy. We can forgive him as he wa also responsible for Schindler’s List.’

This makes no sense on so many levels. What conenction coud there be between a Czech industrialist who died in Israel, a hero to millions, and the most isolated region on earth?

Why wouuld anyone introduce beavers to the area?

I tried googling this, and there seems to be a Canadian Dr Schindler who knows something about beavers and ecosystems, but that’s as far as I got.

I’ve been enjying this book until now. Harrison is a member of the Royal Geographical Society, and seems to be good on facts. But this makes me wonder about the rest of what he has written.

It also annoys me not a little that he is citing the cheese fest by Spielberg rther than the book by Thomas Kinneally. But that’s another moan altogether.

5 thoughts on “Schindler and Beavers

  1. Puzzling… Oskar Schindler did have a go at fur farming somewhere in Argentina after the war, didn’t he, so perhaps that’s how the confusion arose. Agree with you re Spielberg, but, to be fair to Harrison, my post-film edition of ‘Schindler’s Ark’ has ‘SCHINDLER’S LIST’ in large letters on the cover and title page and only a teeny reference to the original title, so maybe that’s the one he had too. Errors like Chinese whispers. And shows how your credibility can be sapped by a failure to check everything!


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