England’s Shame

Blackpool has just become the first authority in E ngland to provide free breakfasts for all primary school pupils, in the wake of so many students turning up to school on empty stomachs so unable to concentrate on their work. At one of their schools, all 500 pupils took up the offer. London has followed with a further 50 schools offering the same service, wiht more to follow.

Not too long ago, the poor were too ashamed to accept free food. the fact that these offers are being welcomed and widely taken up shows how desperate families have become.

A country that cannot feed its own children doesn’t have much of a future.

And, the MPs are voting for a payrise for themselves.


6 thoughts on “England’s Shame

  1. It is a bad situation. The UK leaders are in lala land, they have no idea of the suffering their ineffective decision-making is causing to the UK people.


    • As Barry Humphries once wrote as a proposal for a national anthem We love the opposition cause they know how to oppose. they alloppose each other so we know they’re on their toes.

      On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 6:48 PM, texthistory


  2. I thought the UK was doing better than that. The global economic situation is lousy and the US papers don’t indicate how bad it is there. It is indeed shameful. I think your jobless rate is also not great either.


    • It is far worse than it seems as the Tories deregulated rents many eyars ago so many people have been better off on benefits than to work. with this withdrawal, there is a massive housing shortage, esp for the young and the vulnerable. I have met people who cannot figure out how to claim benefits and have had no money at all for months they are being fed from foodbanks. one of them has to rely on a nearby street light to see in her flat. She has no hot food, and we are expecting snow.

      On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 10:10 PM, texthistory


  3. Is it that they can’t feed their children or don’t? I’m not asking with an agenda – just that here, a lot of indigenous kids in particular turn up to school unfed, and this is not because their parents have no money to feed them, exactly, but because they’ve spent the money on other things, like alcohol. In any case it’s pretty awful. So much worse in a country like England which gets so cold in winter.


    • They have slashed benefits to people in and out of work, so a lot of people now are desperately short of money, esp in the north where of course it is colder so heating costs more. Many people in full time work cannot survive on what they earn so have been getting help from the state – ie the working poor. Especially badly hit are the disabled who have done ok till now but are losing lots of extra help. the big problem is the cost of housing – deregulated by Tories a long time ago, lots of people speculating and making money. Councils also are slow at paying housing benefits so many people on benefits cannot get anywhere. Also made worse by immigrants with no housebuilding to keep up with demand.

      On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 9:27 AM, texthistory


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