Tea and Toast

I recently heard a discussion on the radio about that simple, and very English food, toast, though the prime minister of Denmark in The Killing III seems to be very fond of it also.

This is Heywood Banks’ version of the history of toast, played on a toaster:

This is Carl Philip Moritz’s discovery of it, as it had clearly not reached Prussia at the time,and due to their fine rye bread, don’t think it has yet:

“I would advise anybody who want to drink coffee in England to mention beforehand how many cupfuls should be made from half-an- ounce, otherwise he will get an atrocious mess of brown water set before him, such as I have not yet been able to avoid in spite of all my admonitions. Their fine wheaten bread, along with butter and Cheshire cheese, suffice for my meagre midday meal. Here they content themselves generally with a ;piece of half-boiled or roasted meat and a few green cabbages boiled in nothing else but water, on which is poured a sauce concocted of flour and butter. this, I assure you, is the general way they prepare vegetables in England.

The slices of bread and butter given to you with tea areas thin as poppy-leaves, but there is a way of roasting slices of buttered bread before them fire which is incomparable. One slice after another is taken and held to the fire with a fork until the butter is melted, then the following one will be always laid upon it so that the butter soaks through the whole pile of slices. this is called ‘toast’.


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