Plugging My Books

This is a blatant attempt to tweak a few book sales, as they are just sitting around at home getting on each others’ nerves. I have written 17 books, with another one that needs working on. Theyare mostly local history, but I never do just local – whatever Iwrite about, I always try to place it within a wider context and, of course throw in some oddities as well.

My books are all available through my own website, or from amazon:

Walking History: 13 Fascinating Walks in Central Bristol – these are a collection of walks of varying lengths that join up, so can be used to do lots of different walks, from the oldest part of the city out into the south and western suburbs. They can take from half an hour to a whole day.

Death and the Bridge: The Georgian Rebuilding of Bristol Bridge. This is the one closest to my heart, and which makes me so angry that it is not a big seller. It is about the very reason for Bristol’s existence – the city is the place of the bridge, and the scandal that was the rebuiding in the mid 18th century. Shops had encroached on the roadway that was increasingly clogged with traffic, people were being run down, calls for action went on for decades until the mysterious James Bridges appeared….  

The Bristol Slavery & Abolition Trail – This was written at the suggestion of the local tourist office, to celebrate the 2007 abolition of the slave trade and reviewed on national radio. But once published, nobody was interested in stocking it, and then the council reprinted the slavery trail booklet, which was stocked everywhere…

Eyebrows on Fire: Bristol and Abolition: This puts the whole story into context, considering the role of the early explorers, the Royal Navy, and locals involved in the campaign such as publican John Weeks, Elizabewth Blackwell, the world’s first female doctor, and poet Mary Robinson.

From Cat to Cathedral: Bristol’s Religious Heritage – a circular walk that takes in ruined churches, major religious sites, and the grave of a famous church cat.

Victoria Park, The People’s Park – this is about the funding of a park in south Bristol, but it is also about the campaigning for open spaces, and the importance of urban recreational space. Published as a fundraiser for the local action group.

Losing El Dorado – Scots in Latin America. this tells the story of two ill fated emigration schemes by the Scots, who were left eating everyone elses’s dust in the race to build colonies. an acocunt of the Darien scheme near the future Panama Canal, and the forgotten colony of Topo in Venezuela.

Bristol Gyratory – a Quirky Circular Walk. This is the first of several walks which ask where a feature is, then guides you to it. Highly praised by a local scout leader who claimed it saved her a lot of work and the kids loved it.

Bombs & Burgesses A History of Castle Park, Bristol. This is in effect the history of the oldest part of the city, beside its namesake the bridge. From Saxon settlement to mediaveal walled town, to the usual arguments and indecision on what to do with the site after it suffered war damage.  Yet another of my books that will make you wonder how many nincompoops could be in charge.

Bath Gyratory: Stone & Spa. This is a circular walk round the main city of Bath and up to the hills above it. Lots of quirky bits of history

Bath Gyratory: 3 Bridges Walk As with the above, it starts at the Abbey, but crosses over the river for a more leisurely, flatter walk, with lots of parks.

Cheltemhan Gyratory: A Nice Walk – A walk round what is probably the most pleasant town I know, with great aarchitecturew, mostly quiet streets, huge trees and lots of parks. and some interesting history of course.

The Lost Village of Dumbeton, by Jeronomy Fortescue Ponsett A break for me, I wanted to use up lots of little stories people told me or that I knew, so I invented a West Country town and filled it with my offcuts. It starts with Norman the Norman who was not much of a builder, includes sheep rustling and lots more.

Fine ships and Gallant Sailors: The Sydney Emden Battle, November 1914. This is based on the journal I was given by the grandon of shipwright Eward Bunkin, who was shipwright on the HMAS Sydney. He was involved in the delivery of the australian Navy’s first light cruiser, and the training of the young colonial crew, but became invovled in the only running gun battle of the first world war. Had the Emden not been stopped, it could have attacked the first ANZAC convoy, and history would have been very different. And increeibly important story, and with accounts from the British and Germans.
now also on kindle

Dead Cats In Conduits – Bristol Drinking Water: This starts with the improtance of clean drinking water, the history of its supply by monasteries, the chaos when they were closed, and the battle to ensure clean supplies up to the present day. It also includes maps of water sources, and details of surviving outlets. Now also on kindle

A Green Thumbprint on a Smudge of a City – A walking Guide to Castle Park. This complements the Bombs & Burgesses, with a guide round the art, archeology and public spaces in the wake of my involvement in the campaign to stop the council building on half of it.  Once hailed as Britain’s Central Park, years of neglect are taking its toll….

Stride Shuffle or Crawl, an Introduction to Glastonbury. An introduction and walking guide to the town that claims to be home to the grave of King Arthur, links with the Holy Grail and all manner of New Age and Celtic mysticism. Or it is just a great place for a day out, with the ruins of the abbey, the views from the top of the tor and lots of cafes to rest your weary touristed feet.

I think I need a cup of something just thinking about all the stuff I’ve produced.



One thought on “Plugging My Books

  1. Since you have the subject up and running I’m wondering how do you promote your books? If they are on Amazon, it’s easier and I can promote them for you (for free as can your friends). Who was your publisher? Did you have a literary agent?

    Ciao, Carole

    You can find my writing at the following links.

    Google’s e-zine: Journalist, Commentator, Reviewer Technorati

    Blog: Editor, Manager, Writer/Creator The Fat and the Skinny A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets

    Carole M. Di Tosti, Ph.D. 83-33 118th Apt 6H Kew Gardens, NY 11415


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