Songs About Neighbourhoods

This was triggered by a DJ the other night mentioning that he once busked to Tom Waites’ In the Neighbourhood from Swordfish Trombones and it was the most unsuccessful song they ever did. That means either they played it badly or the passers by had no taste. I love Waites and this is a great song, full of humour and warped observation.

This is Canada’s Arcade Fire with The Suburbs, about the tedium of growing up there:

This is a bit more upbeat, Simon and Garfunkle live in Sydney with My Little Town:

This is Bruce Springsteen with Girls in Their Summer Clothes which is a wonderfully romantic ode to suburbs/small town life. It could only be written by a man of a certain age :

This is a great song by Carole King, sung by her but made a hit by the Monkees. It is an incredibly sarcastic song about the post war emigration to the suburbs. This is Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in status symbol land. … This is only a demo, which shows how brilliant a performer she is.

And this is Tom Waites again, with ‘What’s He Building in There? I would love to know what inspired this one. We have a right to know…….

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