Old Gas

So many things in history are not new, and so it is with greenhouse gases.

Research by Celia Sapart of Utrecht University has shown that greenhouse gases rose over a 200 year period during the Roman Empire and China’s Han Dynasty.

Atmospheric gas trapped in Greenland’s ice shows that the main greenhouse gas, methane, rose significantly about 2,000 years ago and remained high for about 200 years, probably as a result of deforestation and the use of charcoal for fuel.

This doesn’t make the current risks of climate change any different, but it does show that claims that man made climate change did not begin around 1800.

6 thoughts on “Old Gas

    • Yes, but that was just in their homes. I’ve been in an Iron Age house in Wales with the fire on and you are ok as long as you are sitting down – the smoke collects higher up as some didn’t have outlets for smoke at all.


    • I have no idea. When you look at what happened with some of the big volcanoes that went off – There’s a book I think called Apocalypse that claims the Dark Ages were caused by an early version of Krakatoa. I wonder how we’ve survived this long.


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