Horse Pyjamas

One of the strangest announcements I’ve ever heard was an appeal on radio for a pair of pyjamas for a horse.

Apparently the horse has developed some sort of skin allergy.

Why not just try bandages? Though I suppose they would need to be very big ones.

Apologies for the shortages of images – they are all as bitmaps that won’t upload. grrr!


11 thoughts on “Horse Pyjamas

      • I believe horsey pjs are a norm attire for certain circumstances and that someone has offered to make some that will fit Big Dobbin


      • And on National TV too! Well, I would have to agree, Barb, that there was probably a lot of other news-worthy stuff around that did not get any coverage. However, it did have a serious point, created sufficient interest for someone to offer to make a creature more comfortable (pictures of it before arriving at Horeseworld were truly horrendous) and – it made me smile.


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