Bob Andy

I heard an interview last night with Bob Andy, a Jamaican musician who is one of the most charming and inteligent people I have ever listened to, and also well versed in popular music. As a side issue, his mother wsa a Drummond, but I don’t thnk we’re related.

This is him duetting on ‘Pied Piper’

I had never heard of though I seem to have grown up wiht his music, such as this one, ‘Young Gifted and Black’, with Marcia. It’s brillaint, as it is a highly political song, but also a wonderfully fun pop song :

He was beng interviewed by David Rodigan as part of the BBC’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence. He was only a child when Britain left, but spoke passionately about how the crowds responded to the sight of the British flag being lowered and their new flag, their own flag, being raised in its stead.

He also talked about the incredible energy of his fellow islanders, who have spread throughout the world, taking their music with them. There are even expats returning, having made their money abroad, now retiring to their homelands, but unable to take the heat, so living in the highlands and who have get togethers listening to ‘East Enders’. Madness!. This is ‘I’ve Got to Go Back Home’:

Jamaica was of course a slave colony, but one of the worst, as it was primarily growing sugar, so imported the biggest and the strongest men, so became a highly male dominated slave community, which has echoes in its more recent history which has often come across as very mysogynistic.

Andy is a great promotor of young musicians, especially the women. He talks of how men ‘have realy not been holding the team. The men have had the break with it and have totally messed it up.’

This is Queen Ifrica, ‘Lioness on the Rise’. Go Team girls!!!



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