Slavery & Abolition Sites – Dorset, England

Racedown Lodge, near Crewkerne
Home of William Wordsworth (1770-1850) and sister Dorothy (1771-1855) from 1795-7.

William Wordsworth is the most famous of the Lakeland Romantic poets who wrote widely about nature and injustice, including slavery.  He returned from Europe disillusioned with politics and under suspicion so encouraged to leave London.  He came into an inheritance, and after meeting John and Azariah Pinney, was offered the free use of Racedown, owned by their father John, merchant who owned plantations on Nevis.


Tolpuddle Nr Dorchester

In 1831 6 farm labourers met to try to improve their miserable living conditions.  They formed a self help union but were convicted on trumped-up charges of swearing illegal oaths, were transported to Australia so became early martyrs of the Trade Union movement. There is an annual commemoration of these events here.

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