A Dubious Advertisement

I have lost my copy of yesterday’s newspaper, but I was horrified to see an ad featuring the official clever clogs person Carol Vorderman which asked, are you ready for 5 million tourists? It showed a selection of different racial/cultural types apparently crowded onto a tube train.

The response was to take a herbal supplement to boost your immunity.

The implication is, of course, that tourists are carrying all sorts of strange and dangerous diseases, and we need to defend ourselves against this invasion.

Hmmm. How do you respond so such claims, beyond just not buying the alleged immune booster?

It only takes one person with a deadly illness to start an epidemic, not 5 million.

If people are frightened of crowds, they should avoid the olympics, but also theatres, all sporting events, shopping centres, any buildings with air conditioning – hospitals are really dangerous – full of sick people, far more than on the underground. Bird poo contains salmonella, there are dogs and cats doing their business all over the place.

In fact if you want to avoid these attacks on your immune system, move to the country. But no, that won’t work. There are animals there – badgers with TB, salmonella in eggs, my goodness! If you stop to think about it, life is just soooo dangerous, I’m surprised any of us have managed to live this long already.

I’m getting so upset thinking about how dangerous the world is, I think I’d better have a nice cup of tea and a lie down.

5 thoughts on “A Dubious Advertisement

  1. Carol Vorderman diminishes her reputation for high intelligence for being associated with this type of advertising. Esther Ranzen is also dubious for linking her name to no win no fee accident legal claims lines.


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