Singing Solo

A few years ago I heard of an albatross on one of the Scottish Islands that arrives every year, builds a nest along with all the other birds, then waits.

And waits.

The other birds mate and lay eggs and then hatch them, but this bird eventually kicks its nest to pieces in frustration.

It is a bird of the Southern Oceans that has found its way to the North and doesn’t seem to know this.

Cardiff Market is a wonderful place. A Victorian gem, full of light and real old fashioned stalls. I am a vegetarian, but I tend to measure the real thing by the number of butchers stalls, as they seem to be the first to fall victim to the supermarkets.

But it is a sound that marks this one and it took me a while to trace it.

There is an almost incessant screeching that echoes through the building. Upstairs is a pet supermarket, or more aptly, a trio of stalls making up the same business. In the bird section is a pair of Finches, then four budgerigars who seem to be reasonably happy, but then there is what I think is a crimson fronted parakeet in a cage on its own, and this is the source of the noise. Not just the screaming, but when it feeds it seems to attack the cage, then go back to screaming. This is one very pissed off bird.

It’s a bit bigger than the other birds, so lack of space may be a problem.

But more likely it seems is its solitude.

If it was the only bird there it would probably be just depressed and lonely, but spending every day next to breeding pairs of birds must be driving it nuts.  Like a starving man staring through the window of a foodstore, with no money to go inside.

It seems the bird’s only escape is to be purchased, but who wants to buy such a pissed off bird for a pet?



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