Cats Up Trees

The London Fire Brigade has asked the public not to call emergency services to rescue pets – they had 620 callouts for them last year. The following are some of the calls they made :

An iguana stuck on a roof

A parrot trapped in its cage

A dog stuck in a wheelchair

A puppy with its head stuck in an exercise machine

A kitten with its head stuck in a bongo drum

A snake at a retirement home

Two dogs in a toilet

A chimp in a chimney

A hamster trapped in a disabled lift

A kitten trapped in a reclining chair.

You have been warned.

I remember a request from the police some time ago along similar lines. They also gave a list of strange call outs, but the one I  loved was the guy who applied to join the police force and dialled emergency services to see how his application was going. I would guess not at all.

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