Horsemen of The Apocalypse on The Rails

The weather in the UK has become utterly ridiculous, with a month’s rain falling in hours, in between occasional outpourings of sunshine.

Thank goodness we can blame foreigners for this – or at least a foreign source – the Spanish Plume.

Warm air from the Spanish plateau travels north, and when it hits the cold air over the Atlantic is forced upwards, creating spectacular thunderstorms. This is usually a problem with mainland Europe, but it has now been moving across to Britain, hence the strange summer.

Of the many problems this weather has caused, this week’s prize goes to the London to Glasgow train that took 15 and a half hours, ie 9 hours longer than normal.

It left London but was blocked by landslides and floods in the Lake District, then caught fire at Lockerbie. One exhausted traveller said, “Everything but pestilence…”

Maybe next time.

Or maybe Russell Crowe’s next film is more timely than it seems.

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