Name That Tune: Big Ben Chimes

Big Ben refers to the clock, the chimes and the tower of the Houses of Parliament. It is the most famous free standing clock tower on earth, and the sound of its bell is truly iconic. But like many famous English things, it is not by an English person.

It is from Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, after the chorus itself, for the words ‘I  Know my Redeemer’. This explains whey the same tune is played in the clock of the Red Tower of  Handel’s home town of Halle,

But another source which seems to make more sense, is that it is a variation on the Cambridge Chimes, composed for Great St Mary’s church, Cambridge, which is a variation on this tune.

3 thoughts on “Name That Tune: Big Ben Chimes

  1. Thank you for that lesson in history! I was lucky to walk by Big Ben a few years ago. Really enjoyed visiting London!


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