The Genius that is Steve Martin

This man is so busy and talented I needed to lie down before putting this post togetehr. It just isn’t fair on the rest of us.

This is one of the funniest clips I’ve ever seen, and I have no idea how he did it, this is ‘The Great Flydini’ on Johnny Carson. Make sure you are sitting comfortably for this one.

Here he is pestering a young girl on the Johnny Cash Show. she deserves an Oscar for keeping such a straight face:

IN recent years he has branched out to become an award winning novelist and now a stunningly good banjo player. Here he is with the man who virtually invented modern banjo playing, Earl Scruggs on ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’.

And this is his his ‘Atheists’s Hymnal.’ with the Steep Canyon Rangers. Not a lot of songs include godless existentialism and refer to fonts.

9 thoughts on “The Genius that is Steve Martin

    • Thanks for this. But how did he do it? Reminds me of a guy who tried to smuggle some parrots in his trousers. He gave them drugs, but they woke up as he was going through customs. Oh to have been a customs officer on that one!


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