Bristol, with its 2 universities and for many years a tradition of graduates staying in the area, has a long track record for counterculture. With so many abandoned buildings it is now becoming famous for its street art, but whilst I can see the skill and effort put into a lot of it, for me art needs to be site specific to really work, and as such, I find much of it disappointing.

But once in a while I see something that stops me in my tracks, and even makes me smile. Like these spectacles. Not only are they well done, but they fit round the wall and the doorway brilliantly to suggest the art came out of the site rather than merely placed there as a blank space. In this, it reminds me of the best of the early cave art, and suggests a real fascination and engagement in the environment as well as a high level of artistic skill. There is also something about the glasses – who could wear them? Is someone watching us?

This is in St Paul’s near a now empty community centre, which is the centre of the grafitti art. I have no idea who did it. I’m just glad they did.

5 thoughts on “Grafitti

    • Yes. And there is a lot of his stuff here. A few years back he had a show at the city museum which i think was the most visited show in the country. Huge crowds queued for hours, the city centre brought to a standstill, entertainment was put on. Crazy stuff.


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