A Child Surrealist

Overheard exchange between young boy and father:

Dad – We’re going into the tunnel.

Child – What?

The tunnel. We’re going into it. See – it’s where the road goes.


Why what?

Why are we going into the tunnel?

Because it’s where we’re going. It’s because the railway goes over us.

What railway?

That one. you can hear the train now.


If you shout you can hear the echo. When you go into a tunnel your voice echoes.

They both do some shouting and laughing at the sound.

So, did you like the tunnel?

What tunnel?

The tunnel where we just went.

We went home.

No, after that.

We went to the park

Nooo. After that.

Did we go to the shops?

No, that’s where we’re going now. It’s why we had to go through the tunnel. We have to get to the shops.

Where’s the tunnel?

It’s where we just went. Where it was dark.

Do they have icecream?

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