Ed’s Take on the American Dream

For decades there has been a steadily widening gap between the rich and the poor in this country, with all the social disruption this causes, but all of a sudden the press and politicians seem to be noticing it.

Maybe it’s because that London is filling up with rich expats from countries with failing economies, so the middle classes are finding it harder than ever to get their offspring into the schools of choice. Or even somewhere to live.

Ed Milliband, the Labour leader and twin to Wallace but without Grommit made an insightful comment on the problem.

“If you are born poor in a more equal society like Finland, Norway or Denmark, you have a better chance of moving into a good job than if you are born poor in the US.”

Fair enough, and rather stating the obvious, but I love what followed:

“If you want the American Dream, go to Finland.”

Of course!

Can we all go?

Would the Finns mind?

7 thoughts on “Ed’s Take on the American Dream

  1. I’m not sure it is a question of wealthy or poor, I think the real problems emerge when the discrepancy betwixt the two is pronounced. If we are mostly all poor, or all rich (well that never happens, let’s say mostly all middling) there is less societal unrest and feelings of profound unfairness.


  2. I think greed drives the rich and they continue to strive for ‘growth’ rather than sustainability. I talk to people in China who are poorer than me and they have no problem with me being better off. But I don’t take what I have for granted or acquire wealth at the expense of others, not directly anyway.


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