Songs About Witches and Spells

Rock’n’roll is said b y some to be the devil’s music, but it has surprisingly few songs about the dark forces. But there are some good ones.

Here’s Hocus Pocus, by Dutch band Focus. Keyboardist Thijs van Leer is claimed to  have the biggest vocal range on the planet. Lock up your dogs and cats before you play this one. How did this ever get so high in the pop charts? The past is truly another country. It also has jazz flute.

The Eagles are notoriously protective of their copyright, so this is a rare clip of them playing, ‘Witchy woman’. This has got some great tuning up banter in the band – talking of how Zelda Fitzgerald was weird.

This is the band Redbone, a rarity as they are Native Americanc. ‘Witch Queen of New Orleans’ is said to be based on a true story.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins really hams it up with his only hit, ‘I Put a Spell on YOu’. A brilliant performer, sadly missed.

This is such a great song, here’s another version, by Creedence Clearwater. Nobody howls like John Fogarty. this is also a great piece of psychedelia. Far out!

And to finish, some fine acting from Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Mystery Train’. Steve Buscemi is a dentist, Tom Waites is on the Radio, and Screming Jay Hawkins is discussing suits. enjoy!

And here is one of the last things Screaming Jay did: a documentary filmed in Greece, I Put  a Spell on Me. It includes Bo  Didlely, Erc Clapton and Diamanda Gallis

4 thoughts on “Songs About Witches and Spells

  1. They’re some great songs! I always wanted to be a witch (until I was about 13) – then I realised that spells don’t actually work. A sneaking part of me would still like to try one or two.


  2. Interesting. I couldn’t download the second one Warner Chappell blocked it on copywrite grounds. Video six doesn’t exist???? The witch queen of NO is Marie Laveaux who was also a healer..her daughter called her a witch and kept the legend going to make money, it is thought. Controversial.


    • Sorry about the blocks. I can never tell which of the videos will work where. and witches are always controversial. There is a famous case of hauting in Bristol that wsa done in order for the family to avoid being evicted from their home. Needs must I guess.


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