Kangaroos and Washing Lines

Our access to news these days is truly awesome, but once in a while I wish there was a way of following up stories. Last year there were two that still haunt me, because they are just too ridiculous.

The first was of a 90 year old woman somewhere in Australia being attacked by a kangaroo whilst hanging out her washing. This seemed a bit odd. Kangaroos tend to attack when cornered, when they can rip you with the claws on their back legs. But what was the reason for this?

A few weeks later, there was another, far more bizarre news item. A pet kangaroo had escaped ini Prague, so  was on the loose in the city. Hmmm intriguing. But as a search was starting for it, reports started to be made of lingerie being stolen from washing lines.

There is so much strangeness here. Who would have a kangaroo as a pet in Prague? And what is  the thing with kangaroos  and washing, especially lingerie? Just savour that for  a moment, dear readers. A kangaroo leaping about a city in stolen lingerie.

Or perhaps  there is another story here. Kangaroos  are not the most graceful or manoeverable of beasts. In fact they only survived in the Antipodes because  there were no decent predators like wolves or  lions, which would have made them extinct long ago. Is it  possible that they  are just colliding with washing lines whilst trying to escape?

And just to show you what a kangaroo is capable of, this is Woody Allen at The Hippodrome, 1966 trying to box one. I know this is unfair to the ‘roo, but try not to fall off your seat laughing.

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