Beliefs and Mirrors

I’m currently trawling though a book on literature and the English Civil War, and found a real gem by Benjamin Laney (1591-1675) who was vice chancellor of Cambridge University for a while, then went into exile with King Charles II and returned to be Bishop of Peterborough, Lincoln and Ely. I can’t find enough on him to pass judgement beyond that he seems to have been a rather clever survivor.

I think the following  should be engraved somewhere prominent.

“Let loose to the prejudices and fancies of every man; for then it will fall out, as with those that look in a Glass, in which every one sees his own face, though not anothers: the reason is because he brings his face to the Glass, not because it was there before. So every Sect sees the face of his own Religion in the Scripture, not because it was there before, but because his strong fancy and prejudice brought it thither; he thinks he sees that in the Scripture, which in truth is only in his own imagination.

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