Multiple Time Zones

In a world where most of us don’t know what day it is half the time, it’s impressive that in the Middle Ages, Europe operated in several time zones simultaneously. Following on from the book Keeping Time, which dealt with early notions of time keeping, here’s something from Stripping of the Altars, which describes a … Continue reading

Witchcraft in Christianity

Much of written history is about how the great and good control and manipulate the poor, but the more interesting parts are when the apparently ignorant and powerless make use of what they are given to create something very different. In the book ‘The Stripping of the Altars, Traditional Religion in England 1400-1580 by Eamon … Continue reading

An Extraordinary Mirror

An Extraordinary Mirror

This is one of the best Georgian mirror I have seen It is in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and is incredibly ornate. Mirrors were important pieces of furnishings not just for their appearance, but also for their ability to amplify candlelight, so increasing light in rooms. But of course candlelight was also … Continue reading

Frog With Flowers

This is in Bite Park, Cardiff but I have no idea what it means. Flowers often mean a fatality site but this seems unlikely as there is no information A strange take on Xmas? Do frogs celebrate it? Hmm

A Drunken Sailor

In 1735,John Brown was a mate of the Glasgow, found one at to be ‘very drunk…could give no account of the ship’s way from 12 noon till 8 at night, & told captain he could stick his log book up his a***.

The Periodic Table in Song

Gideon Coe has a great evening show in 6 music, and by his own admission, much of he best stuff comes from listeners. Someone told him that the commonest element in songs is silver. Which made me wonder, who counted them, is this of songs ever written, or in this year’s pop charts? I would … Continue reading

Earth To Major Chris

Chris Hadfield seems to have become the new face for space exploration with his cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity, and I’ve heard him talk a few times, and been really impressed. This morning on Lauren Laverne’s 6music show, he was plugging his new book, a selection of the many thousands of shots he took of … Continue reading

Faces on Butterfly Wings

This is from the furtherest reaches of science, a book by Phillip Howse, retired Professor of Entymology at Southampton University, called ‘Seeing Butterflies’, but is not about their taxonomy, but of how to find pictures on the wings of butterflies, moths and other creatures. Sounds like the professor has been ingesting some chemicals from his … Continue reading